44 minutes | Apr 8th 2020

Jan Rock’s Jazzy (and Jaded) Ideas About Raises

Jan L. Rock has worked as director of training and HR exec at global brands like 7-Eleven Corp and Rita’s Italian Ice, and she's with us talking about all the things YOU can do to get a raise at work! From her home base in San Diego, for over a decade, Jan stood up franchisees all over the West Coast, coaching them to success with their new businesses. In this episode, Jan shares success managers and staff had with strategies such as preparing lists of accomplishments, and what Corp executives really look at when the boss walks through the door. It’s even more fun than last week because Jan has known your host Amanda since she was a baby, which brings a whole new perspective to the Raise Up Podcast!RAISE UP SHOWNOTES:https://www.raiseuppodcast.com/3Love the show? These sponsors make it possible!Mission Mobile MedicalConnecting Communities, Continuing the Missionhttps://www.missionmobilemed.com/
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