44 minutes | Apr 29th 2020

How Corliss Got A Raise Without Asking

Corliss shares insight and expertise from her 20 years of HR experience and lays out a solid foundation for getting a raise at work. She believes, if you want a raise, at the most basic level we have to provide evidence of our value and gives numerous examples of how we can maximize our earning potential. She also hits us with facts, like how we can't change our IQ but we can definitely change our EQ and that one skill coupled with the right mindset can move us up the pay scale more than anything else. Get the show notes and more great resources from this episode at the Raise Up Podcast website. Thank you to our Special Guest: Corliss McGinty, President, and HR Momma at Soft Solutions ConsultingYou don't want to miss it. Listen now!RAISE UP SHOWNOTES:https://www.raiseuppodcast.com/6Love the show? These sponsors make it possible!Beauty Counter ConsultantKati Jo Barberhttps://www.beautycounter.com/katibarber
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