27 minutes | May 7th 2020

Go Far and Go Fast with Cindy Deekitwong

She's the first female engineer in her family, and has not only lived all over the world but journeyed up the corporate ladder at a rapid pace. I'm so excited to introduce to you to my new friend, Cindy Deekitwong, Global Head of Marketing, 3D Printing at Henkel. She believes in smashing Legos, and if you're not uncomfortable in your role, you're not stretching enough to be successful in the workplace. Cindy shares her Big 5 Real-Life Lessons, something you definitely want to hear, and how her mission is always to help one person to improve personally or professionally - and today that might be you. I can't wait for you to listen! Check it out now. RAISE UP SHOWNOTES: https://www.raiseuppodcast.com/7Love the show? These sponsors make it possible!Mission Mobile MedicalConnecting Communities, Continuing the Missionhttps://www.missionmobilemed.com/
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