23 minutes | Mar 11th 2021

Episode 186: Why Adaptive Strategy is the New Strategic Plan

The last year has taught us that change is the only constant - however, that makes it difficult to stick to a traditional 3-year or 5-year strategic plan. So, how can social good organizations plan in a way that allows for change? Here to talk about why adaptive strategy is the new strategic plan is Steve Strang, senior consultant and practice director at Spectrum Nonprofit Services. Listen in to hear what Steve has to say about what an adaptive strategy is, what it looks like when organizations implement an adaptive strategy, and how to get started.   Topics Discussed in This Episode: What adaptive strategy is Why organizations decide to make the shift from the traditional strategic plan to adaptive strategy Benefits of shifting to an adaptive strategy How adopting adaptive strategy can better engage board members The two steps for implementing adaptive strategy What adaptive strategy looks like in action How to influence stakeholders to buy in to implementing adaptive strategy Steps for getting your organization started on the adaptive strategy journey   Resources: Steve Strang How to Implement Adaptive Strategy in Nonprofits Annual Planning in an Ever-Changing World 2021 Planning & Goals Workbook and Calendar   Quotes:  “As tough as the last year has been, being adaptive helps your organization get through crisis moments like this.” “The important piece to not only this but moving into any strategic process is buy-in from all your stakeholders, especially internal stakeholders.” “Your budget is really a document that shows how you actualize your strategic plan.”
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