84 minutes | Feb 12th 2018

Episode #58 – Raiding and RP’ing

http://raidingwithlisia.com/wp-content/uploads/RaidingandRPing.mp3 Ouro and Xortz and I talk about raiding and RP! We discuss the bosses in the Antorus Heroic raid, rolling the Allied races, the Death Knight class hall campaign, and what makes good RP. Xortz and I have an announcement at the end of the show! Ouro’s Gnome DK is here. The weakaura Ouro mentioned, Postmaster, is here. The intro and outro music is by Bensound and is being used under a Creative Commons license. You can find more music by Bensound at www.bensound.com. The background music is copyright Blizzard Entertainment, and no infringement is intended. Find more awesome podcasts at The Weekly Awesome!
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