75 minutes | Jan 21st 2018

Episode #56 – The Nature of Blood Elves

http://raidingwithlisia.com/wp-content/uploads/TheNatureofBloodElves.mp3 So it’s time for a rant, after we talk about our latest adventures in raiding and doing M+ and stuff. Much of this episode is dedicated to talking about Lisia’s latest experiences in the marvelous world of Horde RP on Moon Guard – US and why it largely doesn’t exist. Ouro chimes in with one of his famous musical interludes. Yes folks, we’ve got it all here. The intro and outro music is by Bensound and is being used under a Creative Commons license. You can find more music by Bensound at www.bensound.com. The background music is copyright Blizzard Entertainment, and no infringement is intended.
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