25 minutes | Dec 7, 2018

Net effect of expanding Medicaid

What is the effect of expanding Medicaid on overall healthcare costs and use of the emergency room? This type of question can't easily be answered by observational studies and requires a randomized controlled trial (RCT). But an RCT isn't easy to perform. However, a natural RCT serendipitously happened in Oregon a few years ago when Medicaid was expanded and the eligibility was deemed by a lottery system. Saurabh Jha (@RogueRad) speaks to Professor Katherine Baicker, a leading economist and the Dean of the Harris School of Public Policy, and principal investigator of the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, about the landmark study. Links: The Oregon Experiment — Effects of Medicaid on Clinical Outcomes Medicaid Increases Emergency-Department Use: Evidence from Oregon's Health Insurance Experiment Effect of Medicaid Coverage on ED Use — Further Evidence from Oregon’s Experiment
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