24 minutes | Sep 1, 2021

Chapter 3: Doctors in the Pandemic w/ Dr. Zweifler

COVID 19 has changed so many things about the world we live in, but few things have changed as much as our perceptions of public health and its role in our modern society. How has the US reacted to COVID 19, and what things could we have done better? What if our social services and health services could be better integrated? How does testing and contact tracing actually happen to monitor the transmission of coronavirus? Today, we answer all of these questions and more by talking with Dr. Zweifler, a medical consultant from the Fresno County Health Department. This is chapter 3 of our COVID interview series, in which we interview a series of professionals on different topics related to the pandemic. Tune in for our next chapter, an interview with Dr. Kristina Allen, Deputy Director of Public Health with Mariposa county, on her experiences with the pandemic!
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