26 minutes | Aug 31, 2021

Chapter 2: Doctors in the Pandemic w/ Dr. Gaeta

This past year, we have been in the midst of a historical pandemic that has touched the lives of everyone around us. As part of our interview series on COVID-19, our team was interested in gaining the perspective of a medical doctor and how this pandemic has affected healthcare workers. For this episode, we interviewed Dr. Xavier Gaeta, a doctor currently in pediatric residency in a LA county, as well as a PhD. Dr. Gaeta gave us invaluable perspective on being a doctor during the pandemic and insight into the differential impacts of COVID on children versus adults. This is chapter 2 of our COVID interview series, in which we interview a series of professionals on different topics related to the pandemic. Tune in for our next chapter, an interview with Dr. John Zweifler, a medical consultant with the Fresno county Health Department, on his experiences with the pandemic!
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