6 minutes | Feb 12th 2019

Phil Richards interviews Stowe Family Law – February

Here are the questions: I have been divorced for 5 years and pay monthly maintenance to my ex wife for our son and will do until he is 18 as we agreed. He plans to go to University at 18 – will I still have to pay maintenance until he finishes Uni given he will still be in full time education? I want to get divorced from my husband and re marry. What’s the quickest amount of time I can get divorced? I have been married for 11 years and now want a divorce. The problem is I cannot find my marriage certificate and the priest that married us says the book where are our marriage was recorded was destroyed in a fire. What should I do? I divorced my wife 3 years ago and our children live with her. She wants to change our children’s school which I am opposed to. She won’t reason with me so can I take the matter to court? My son is getting divorced and says his wife will try and stop us as grand parents from seeing our grand children. I’ve heard of ‘grand parents rights’ but would these allow a court to grant us access to our grand children?
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