9 minutes | Apr 12th 2019

Phil Richards interviews Stowe Family Law

Regular monthly feature with Phil Richards of Verulam in the Morning and Claire McParland of Stowe Family Law. Questions and answer session covering issues surrounding divorce. Here are the questions: ·  My wife and I are planning to get divorced and have two children. We cannot agree who the children should live with. What can be done here? ·  My wife has left me and is now living with her new boyfriend. She claims to have no money and her boyfriend pays for everything. Would this be regarded as an income? ·  I wish to divorce my wife. Can a lawyer provide a fixed cost service or does it vary depending on how the divorce goes? ·  My husband is away for long trips on business several times a year. I suspect from social media pictures that he has actually remarried in Australia. Can a lawyer find out to be sure? ·  I am divorcing my husband of 12 years. I wish to claim maintenance for our children. Can I also claim maintenance for myself?
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