6 minutes | Nov 24th 2019

November interview with Stowe Family Law

Phil Richards interviews Claire McParland of Stowe Family Law on divorce related issues. Here are the questions: I want to divorce my husband of 6 years. He says that he wants half of everything including half of my personal possessions! This includes gifts he has given to me over the years. Is this possible? I began divorce proceedings recently but have lost contact with my wife and so has her solicitor. She has sent me a hand written letter saying she has left the country, wants nothing to do with me and doesn’t want to be found. Only her friends know where she is living. What should I do to make sure the divorce goes through? I am in the middle of divorcing my husband who know lives in the US. I suspect from social media posts that he has remarried in the US before our divorce has been finalised. Will this affect divorce proceedings here in the UK? I am recently married and am concerned about my husbands identity. When we got to the airport to go on honeymoon I noticed a completely different name in his passport to who he told me he was. What is going on here and does this affect the legality of our marriage? I am divorcing my husband of 10 years. I have been told by his best friend that he recently went to his bank and withdrew all his savings in cash, and he won’t be declaring the money as part of the divorce settlement and it’s a substantial amount. What happens in this situation?
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