6 minutes | Oct 20th 2019

Latest interview with Stowe Family Law

Phil Richards of Verulam in the Morning chats with Claire McParland of Stowe Family Law about divorce related matters. Here are the questions: My husband has died from a short illness half way through our divorce. What happens here and am I entitled to anything? I am divorcing my wife and run a self built business with 3 friends who are all directors of the company. My friends are concerned that my wife may have a claim on the business as part of the divorce settlement and they are worried it will ruin the company. What can be done here? I want to divorce my husband of 5 years as I frankly don’t like him anymore. He says he will never grant me a divorce. I recently read a newspaper article that said new legislation has been passed where you don’t have to give a reason for divorce so can push it through even if the other party doesn’t agree. Is this true? My husband and I are divorcing and have left it to our 3 children to decide who they wish to live with in the future. Will a court be able to consider the wishes of our children? I am a record producer and am divorcing my wife. I am likely to receive royalty payments for the rest of my life. Will my wife be able to claim a portion of my future income or can I petition for a final settlement?
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