21 minutes | Jun 9th 2010

Radio Sustain: June 10, 2010

File (mp3): 100610.mp3Podcast Type:  Radio Sustain IATP author(s): Karen Hansen-KuhnFeatureHeadline:  Radio Sustain: June 10, 2010 Summary:  Maryn McKenna: MRSA, Lindy Bannister: China, Karen Hansen-Kuhn: food security legislation Author Maryn McKenna discusses MRSA, the topic of her new book SUPERBUG, and how reducing our reliance on antibiotics in agriculture could help stop resistant strains like MRSA. Lindy Bannister, GM of the Wedge Community Coop in Minneapolis, discusses her recent trip to China with IATP President Jim Harkness. Karen Hansen-Kuhn describes the highlights and shortfalls of new food security legislation currently before congress.
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