60 minutes | Apr 4, 2021

The Plumber’s Fate Show (#223)

It’s one thing to celebrate your mascot, it’s another thing to celebrate him by wiping him off the face of the planet. Mario’s “death” via Nintendo’s hand is surely an odd one, so Kevin emerges from his nest of chocolate egg wrappers and welcomes you to a special Easter Sunday memorial episode of Radio Redux. Full Tracklist: Super Mario Bros OST Collection – 1st Movement Organ Cover Ambassadors Of Funk (feat. M.C. Mario) – Supermarioland Mario Kart Wii – Maple Tree House Mario Kart Wii – Aqua Resort Tokyo Philharmonic – Theme of Super Mario World djpretzel – Super Mario 64 ‘Sunken Suite’ [Dire, Dire Docks] I Fight Dragons – Rickroll + Mario (Live at the Elbo Room 2-6-09) The Living Tombstone – Super Mario Odyssey – Jump Up, Super Star! Remix New Japan Philharmonic – Dr. Mario Princess Peach (Hiroko Taniyama) – GoGoマリオ!! | GoGo Mario!! Super Mario Galaxy –  Gusty Garden Galaxy
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