60 minutes | Oct 18, 2020

The Parasites Show (#216)

An eventful week in the news throws the proposed LMC Block schedule in the bin with a highly volatile Radio Redux show thunders into its place. There’s still music from around the gaming universe but before that we need to have a little chat. A rather angry, slightly sweary, gloves off chat. GO SEGA, indeed.   Full Tracklist: Parasite Eve – Out Of Phase Star Wars Squadrons – Taking No Prisoners PAYDAY 2 – Ode To Greed John Wick Hex – The Uncaged Bear Jackbox Party Pack 4 – Theme Song (from Bracketeering) Soul Calibur V – Where Springs Not Fail Tokyo Philharmonic – Final Fantasy VI – The Dream Oath, Maria and Draco Street Fighter II Capcom Generations – Zangief Theme Remixed Version
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