42 minutes | Jan 29th 2021

Galactic War Report – Episode 235: And Now… Conquest!

CG_Erik just posted The Road Ahead for January 2021 and it spells out the basics of a brand new game mode for Galaxy of Heroes: Conquest. We talk about what we know so far about this exciting new way to play and speculate on how this might work. Plus: With this change, the Galactic War is simply being rebranded as “War.” Can we keep our name!? We love feedback! Let us know what you think: Facebook: https://facebook.com/GalacticWarReportTwitter: https://twitter.com/RFTWarReport Funding for Galactic War Report is provided 100% by listeners like you. For more information, or to donate, please visit https://patreon.com/galacticwarreport.
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