12 minutes | Sep 16, 2020

Voting In A Pandemic

It's seems like longer, but it's been four years since the 2016 elections. And now more than ever, our vote matters in the upcoming election. But frustratingly, it seems like things are getting in the way of an easy, simple election day. From Postal Service shenanigans to COVID-19, never before has our electoral process been more fraught. So today on the show, we're going to do a quick guide on how to vote in a pandemic. We'll let you know the key deadlines for this years election, and some of the ways you can make your voice heard in addition to going to the polls on election day. We'll cover Absentee Ballots, how to mail them, and some of the common ways people mess them up. We'll also go over Early Voting, which is a great way to avoid the crowds but still get your vote counted on Election Day itself.---- Check out the show notes for background info and bonus materialBe sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more news and analysis!  
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