50 minutes | Aug 21, 2020

The Triboro

Join us for a walking tour… of the future! On today’s episode, co-host and transit nerd Dan will bring us on a walking tour of Bay Ridge and Sunset Park in an alternate future where The Triboro has been built... a proposed passenger rail line running along the old train tracks north of Bay Ridge. But it's not just about a rail line. We'll explore multiple ways that communities can regain control over their local development, and push for a vision of their neighborhood that promotes equity and sustainability. This includes mixed-use development, local job creation, Community Land Trusts, eco-friendly development, and more. And at the end, we'll tie it all together with an interview with the folks at the Regional Plan Association, who proposed The Triboro back in the 90's! Sit in and relax as we explore an idealized future of our neighborhood, and what it might become if we take development out of the hands of developers. ---- Check out the show notes for background info and bonus materialBe sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more news and analysis!  
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