43 minutes | Feb 10, 2020

The Origins of Bay Ridge For Social Justice

Our origin stories for Bay Ridge's activist groups continues!Today we're going to hang out with three founding members of Bay Ridge For Social Justice. One of the older and more progressive groups in the neighborhood, they were formed in 2015 to explicitly counter racism, state and police violence, islamophobia, and homophobia... all while promoting grassroots organizing outside of the electoral system. We'll talk to our guests Yasmine, Sherry and Danielle about the first two MLK Marches Against Hate in Bay Ridge, how the group dealt with the Trump election, and how they organized in the fallout of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Importantly, we will confront the group's failures in addition to their successes. Finally, we reflect on how much Bay Ridge has changed since the group's formation and where we can go from here, including the need to create more LGBTQ-friendly spaces in Bay Ridge and build stronger bonds with neighboring communities of color.---- Check out the show notes for background info and bonus materialBe sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more news and analysis!
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