36 minutes | Dec 31, 2019

On The Ground for 2020

Happy New Year!Uh oh... 2020? Already!? There's no doubt, this year is going to be tough. A national election is going to sweep across the district, and local conservative hopefuls are already vying to undo the 2018 Blue Wave. Meanwhile, we're in the midst of a Democratic primary where candidates are shifting position at the top of the polls almost daily. How do we gear up and organize in the midst of this chaos?Fear not. We have two stellar guests in the studio today, Tyler and Matt. They've been organizing locally for South Brooklyn for Warren! Together we'll discuss how to keep our energy reserves up, help out our fellow activists, and successfully bridge the divide between local and national issues. 2020 is here. It's game time.---- Check out the show notes for background info and bonus materialBe sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more news and analysis!
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