40 minutes | Jun 4, 2019

Expanding Bay Ridge’s Bike Network

Half of the cyclist deaths so far this year in New York City have been in Southern Brooklyn. Bay Ridge and it's neighbors have historically lagged behind in cyclist safety improvements, while the rest of the city has seen major investment. But 2019 marks a turning point, as Bay Ridge will see it's first protected bike lane (that isn't inside a park), and a possible 53% increase in it's total bike lane mileage. That includes a massive 114% increase in it's dedicated bike lanes.

Today on the show our longtime transit correspondent Brian Hedden gets to talk about his work with Bike South Brooklyn!, our local cycling advocacy group. We will break down the new bike lane proposals, how they work, and some of the misconceptions around the design. We also suggest a few improvements, and rate the overall proposal. Is it too much? Not enough? Listen in and find out!

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