57 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

S3: Episode 21: When a stepmom chooses sanity over control, let's chat the D word with guest, Michaele-Lynne

Christina chats with Michaele-Lynne, a stepmom to two teenage girls and a mom to her 3 year-old ours baby. Michaele-Lynne discusses her battle between disengaging and being a people pleaser, and how writing about stepmotherhood has helped her process the hard times and the good times. We chat the teen years, hands-off discipline, and raising an ours baby. What helps us grow through what we go through? Listen in!  About My Guest:  Michaele-Lynne and her husband of four years live in Rochester, NY where she works as a Human Resources professional. They live with his two daughters (13 and 16) with whom he has split custody and their 3 year old daughter. She enjoys arts and crafts, traveling, sampling different teas, dining out, craft beer, yoga, Zumba, golf, and watching hockey. Oh, and Stepmom gatherings!! Check out her book Blended Reality: Poems and thoughts for Stepmoms, Blended Families & the People that Support Us  So much more than a podcast!!!  Find me on Instagram @radicalstepmomspodcast  Want to schedule a 1:1 session or become a Radical Member? Head to my website! www.radicalstepmomspodcast.com **This episode is sponsored by StepMom Magazine. Use discount code: Radical20 to save 20% ** --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/radicalstepmoms/message
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