59 minutes | Jun 7, 2018

Sergio Brown (Ep.50): From the gridiron to Google

Sergio Brown played high school basketball with Derrick Rose, was coached by Bill Belichick in the NFL, has two degrees, and has worked at Google. Despite barely playing football in high school, Sergio learned the ins and outs of the game at Norte Dame and ultimately joined the Patriots as an undrafted free agent. We discuss his 8 year career in the NFL, the glamor of game day, the physical toll on his body and the transitory life bouncing from team to team. And on current NFL issues, he shares his thoughts on kneeling during the anthem and if he’d let his future son play because of concussions. But an NFL career can only last so long, imagine the loss of identity when you go from being an NFL player to a former NFL player. So with his body pretty much intact, he started his next act, at Google. + SHOW NOTES: http://rad.family/sergio-brown + JOIN THE RAD COMMUNITY: http://rad.family/subscribe
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