58 minutes | May 17, 2018

Scott Norton (Ep.48): Contentment is so damn elusive

Scott Norton is your prototypical millennial – a tinkerer with a creative and entrepreneurial streak . There’s a narrative that the financial crisis crushed economic mobility for an entire generation of Millennials – in fact, Scott’s first job was at Lehman Brothers in 2008. Yet for Scott, the crisis catalyzed a trip around Asia on a foldable bike spanning 23 countries and 100 cities. Upon his return he co-founded Sir Kensington’s, challenging the consumer goods “complex” of ketchup and mayonnaise. We explore mission-driven businesses – are they marketing hype or changing the world? Regardless, big business has taken to the idea; last year Unilever acquired them for a pretty penny. Scott’s got the belt notches: he’s a touch above 30 with a spectacular exit.  How does this change someone? For sure, it takes failure off the table. But contentment, being present with loved ones, a quiet mind, and yes – even freedom – don’t appear overnight and can remain viscerally elusive. + THIS WEEK’S SPONSOR: Does your life insurance policy match your life circumstances? Whether you’re newlyweds, new parents, or new entrepreneurs, Cambridge will work with you to protect what matters most: your family. As an independent broker, Cambridge always represents the client’s best interest, not the insurance companies’.  Contact Cambridge for a complimentary assessment on personal or life insurance planning. + SHOW NOTES: http://rad.family/scott-norton + SUPPORT THE PODCAST: http://patreon.com/radreads
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