66 minutes | May 31, 2018

Sarah Peck (Ep.49): Ask yourself, does it have to look this way?

Corporate jobs and Sarah Peck do not mesh well – being slouched in front of a laptop under fluorescent lighting isn’t her idea of a career. Sarah’s mantra has always been: You don’t have to do things the way they’re always done. To give herself career options, she started a blog as a side hustle and within 3 years it was generating $30k. That, in combination with a minimalist lifestyle gave her the confidence to quit. Her career is now “a collection of projects” – she’s a writer, a startup advisor, yoga teacher and podcast host. She shares a DIY playbook to create, market, and sell digital products and her thoughts on credentialing and expertise in the digital age. We look at the work required to achieve diversity both in our networks and our ideas, and what her podcast, Startup Pregnant, can teach us about productivity, prioritization, and professional growth from bad ass new moms who are also entrepreneurs. + SHOW NOTES: http://rad.family/sarah-peck + JOIN THE RAD COMMUNITY: http://rad.family/subscribe
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