51 minutes | Apr 12, 2018

Liz Flock (Ep. 43): What’s love got to do with it?

Liz Flock is a reporter for the PBS NewsHour and the author of The Heart is a Shifting Sea: Love and Marriage in Mumbai. Liz showed up in Mumbai at the age of 21, with no friends, no job, and $100 in her pocket. The story follows three couples in Mumbai where globalization and a growing middle class are budding up against traditions of caste and religion, pitting a newfound sense of agency for many Indian women against a longstanding patriarchal system. These couples as they navigate issues such as mental health, infidelity, divorce, and even the proliferation of pornography. For Westerners, it’s an opportunity to contemplate our hyper-individualistic natures and the pursuit of happiness as a cingular goal. Liz and I have a broader discussion around love: Is a couple’s natural tendency a drift apart or a pull towards one another? Do we have a mismatch between our expectations and reality? And what lessons can we take from Liz’s eight year study on marriage? + SHOWNOTES: http://radreads.co/liz-flock + LOOKING FOR A COACH? Whether you need to get unstuck or are committed to self-exploration but don’t know how to begin, the Rad Family has got you covered. We’ve handpicked a group of talented coaches over at http://rad.family/coaching.
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