66 minutes | Mar 15, 2018

Lindsay Beck (Ep.39): A second act

Lindsay Beck was an outdoorsy 22 year old who had just run a marathon when she was diagnosed with tongue cancer. The typical procedure: removing your tongue and communicating via whiteboard for the rest of your life. But at 22? With a life ahead of her and dreams of finding love and starting a family? Furthermore, chemotherapy (not just for tongue cancer) had a 90% sterilization rate – a fact doctors withheld from their patients and then obviously insurance wouldn’t cover egg freezing. During her recovery, Lindsay started the non-profit Fertile Hope to fix both of these flaws. Her goal was for Fertile Hope to cease to exist in 10 years… and it took nine. For her second act, she co-founded NPX Advisors to change the way non-profits are funded, adding transparency and accountability while creating a new security, the Impact Security. Oh, and she and her husband have four young kids, and we discuss prioritization, saying no, and what “family first” means. LOOKING FOR A COACH? Need to get unstuck? Ready to take a risk? Or are you committed to self-inquiry but don’t know how to begin? Look no further than the #RadFam. We’ve curated a group of talented coaches over at bit.ly/radcoaching.
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