57 minutes | May 10, 2018

Giorgia Lupi (Ep. 47): Discovering ourselves through data

What can data tell us about our own humanity? Giorgia Lupi is an information designer, artist and author with a love for creatively representing all types of data. She’s the co-founder of the design firm Accurat and few years ago, embarked on a small creative project with a friend. Every week they tracked a feeling, behavior, or event and then hand drew a postcard visualizing the observations. These post cards are delightful and were aggregated in a book called Dear Data and last year were acquired into MoMA’s permanent collection. Yet, even with this milestone contentment felt so elusive. Dear Data revealed that tracking the “mundane details” of our lives has the unintended consequence of putting us more in touch with our thoughts; forcing us to hit “pause” on our frenetic lives. And at the end, Giorgia shares a simple way for all of us to set up a small data project on our own lives. + THIS WEEK’S SPONSOR: Does your life insurance policy match your life circumstances? Whether you’re newlyweds, new parents, or new entrepreneurs, Cambridge will work with you to protect what matters most: your family. As an independent broker, Cambridge always represents the client’s best interest, not the insurance companies’.  Contact Cambridge for a complimentary assessment on personal or life insurance planning. + SHOW NOTES: http://rad.family/giorgia-lupi + SUPPORT THE PODCAST: http://patreon.com/radreads
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