64 minutes | Mar 29, 2018

Dan Sevigny (Ep. 41): Addiction is like a river eddy

Dan Sevigny was sensitive kid who had learning difficulties and trouble connecting with his peers. He coped by cutting himself and started using alcohol and pills as a teenager. Which kicked off a 10+ year cycle where drug use, aggression, and petty crime would get him kicked out of school and then sent to rehab. The cycle became more destructive, the aggression turned more violent, the rehab leading to juvie and jail. Dan describes the feedback loops of addiction and how depression made him feel like he was “on fire, with no skin and with everything in his body hurting.” Dan makes it extremely clear that there’s no silver bullet to recovery, but help came in the form of a mentor, learning about Search Engine Marketing while in rehab, and numerous therapists, particularly around DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). And through all of this, Dan honors his family, his mom and sisters in particular and he surprised me by how often he brings up his own privilege. + SHOWNOTES: http://rad.family/dan-sevigny/ + LOOKING FOR A COACH? Whether you need to get unstuck or are committed to uncomfortable introspection but don’t know how to begin, the #radfam has got you covered. We’ve handpicked a group of talented coaches over at http://rad.family/coaching.
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