54 minutes | Jun 14, 2018

April Rinne (Ep.51): How to prototype and iterate an independent career

April Rinne cannot be described with simple labels. She helps companies, policy makers, and non-profits navigate the new economy. She’s a global citizen, having visited over 100 countries in her lifetime and a “career portfolioist.” And while she works for herself, don’t for a second think that this limits the scope of her work: she’s a strategist, start-up advisor, and a World Economic Forum Young Leader who’s unafraid to tackle thorny questions. April’s life has been deeply influenced by her parents who died in a car accident when she was in her 20s. She lives their values of gratitude, adventure, and financial autonomy by constantly reinventing herself and her career and blazing her own trail each and every day. + SHOW NOTES: http://rad.family/april-rinne + SUBSCRIBE: http://rad.family/subscribe
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