61 minutes | Mar 1, 2018

Alessandra Biaggi (Ep.37): Using Your Voice

In the months after the 2016 election, 16,000 women contacted the non-profit Emily’s List to learn about running for office, compared to 1,000 the entire prior year. Alessandra Biaggi is one of these new faces in politics. As a young girl she declared at the dinner table that she wanted to be president. She went on to law school, worked as a lawyer for state of NY and then as Deputy National Operations Director for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. After the election, she turned despair into action when she realized that in her own backyard, there was a group of senators who were Democrats on paper, yet caucused with Republicans on issues such as immigration and women’s rights. She’s running a grassroots campaign against a fourteen year incumbent and “kingpin” of NY State politics. We discuss the impostor syndrome that comes with this high-stakes race, speaking up against injustice, coddling kids versus letting them fail, and her advice for center of left men who are all for equality, but fear that the #MeToo movement happening too quickly. LOOKING FOR A COACH? Whether you need to get unstuck or are committed to self-exporlation but don’t know how to begin, the Rad Family has got you covered. We’ve handpicked a group of talented coaches over at bit.ly/radcoaching.
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