76 minutes | Apr 16th 2019

S1 E5: Biggest Change in Sim Racing?

The team are back again, though this week they are minus Paul Jeffrey which means that you're stuck with Paul Glover, Joseph Wright and Davide Nativo to pick up the slack.  Paul, Joseph and Davide discuss the recent news that Mika Häkkinen has announced his return to racing, the fact that Kunos have now told us when version 1.0 of Assetto Corsa Competitizione will hit Steam and that there is a new truck game in town. The main topic this week is a little different, the guys give their views on what has been the biggest change for them with regards to Sim Racing. Is it hardware or software? Listen to find out their thoughts.  If you have any comments regarding any topics discussed in this episode then please do post on the episodes thread at www.racedepartment.com, we would love to hear from you. If you enjoy this episode then why not leave us a review. You can find us at the following locations: Web: www.racedepartment.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/racedepartment Facebook: www.twitter.com/racedepartment Instagram: www.instagram.com/racedepartment Youtube: www.youtube.com/racedepartment
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