86 minutes | Mar 5th 2019

S1 E2: Sim Racing Hardware

This week Paul Glover, Joseph Wright, Davide Nativo and Paul Jeffrey bring you news, opinion and chat about a host of different real and virtual racing subjects. In this weeks episode the team talk about the rFactor 2 and Reiza news, Assetto Corsa Competizione build 0.6 release, Formula One pre-season testing, the rise and fall of arcade racing games and have a chat about sim racing hardware.If you enjoyed the show then please do leave us a review, why not get one of your friends to subscribe! Maybe borrow their phone and subscribe for them. Web: www.racedepartment.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/racedepartment Facebook: www.twitter.com/racedepartment Instagram: www.instagram.com/racedepartment Youtube: www.youtube.com/racedepartment
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