18 minutes | Jan 4th 2020

How to stay inspired? - 4 Quranic ideas

Inspiration is powerful! It brings a breath of fresh air into our lives; helping us think more creatively in order for us to give birth to great new ideas, it can help us generate a positive energy in order for us get things done, as well help create a shift in our mindset that can help us experience more breakthroughs and better solve our problems. The truth about inspiration is that it isn’t something we have to simply wait around for or which we accidentally stumble upon finding one day. Neither is it something you are going to find in its full glory and power by simply scrolling through social media feeds looking at some pretty pictures. This powerful force is actually something we can generate on a consistent basis when we consciously and consistently place things in our lives that can help us achieve it. In this video I share 4 Quranic ideas on inspiration that are part of my life and that have positively transformed it as a result Alhamdullah, and I know they can do the same for you too inshAllah.
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