20 minutes | Jan 5th 2020

How To Have More Patience When Pursuing Your Goals

Many of us have amazing goals and dreams we would love to achieve in life. But do you know what often determines whether our dreams & goals actually MATERIALISE? The truth is it’s not actually about how awesome, exciting or life changing our goals are but about how PATIENT we are in seeing them through. Because the reality is we live in a fast paced world were we want everything immediately..fast food, fast internet speed- you name it! And we often apply this mindset in the pursuit of our goals only to become disheartened & often give up when things don’t materialise in the way we envisioned and on the timescale we expected. In this podcast I share 4 Quranic ideas for how you can develop your levels of patience when pursuing your dreams so that you can give yourself a real opportunity to achieve success- because as you already know success doesn’t happen over night!   
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