28 minutes | Mar 26, 2019

Quiet Matters Episode 4: Seasonal Living - the why, the what and the how

This episode of the podcast is all about exploring seasonal living in a bit more depth. I’ve mentioned it several times already during previous episodes, and I wanted to really focus on it and talk to you about both why we do it and the benefits for us, and then how we actually go about it.Engaging with the seasons isn’t about living in an off grid yurt and being outdoors at any cost. But if you’re looking for a way to begin to connect with the world around you, seasonal living is the most wonderful, and highly accessible, place to start. Whether it’s simply standing outside your front door in the sunshine or heading out for multi-day mountain hikes, there is going to be a way you can incorporate the seasons into your life.Show notes can be found at www.ochreandflax.co.uk/podcast/episode4Find me on instagram @ochreandflax
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