23 minutes | Feb 26, 2019

Quiet Matters episode 1: Creating a slow living manifesto

Slow, seasonal living means different things to different people, and I think it’s important to clarify what your version of it looks like. Because living slowly isn’t about adhering to a strict set of rules, it’s about uncovering your own values and figuring out how to let them grow and develop in every area of your life.I’ve created a free eight page download (and you don’t even need to hand over your email address!) to help you uncover your own slow living manifesto, which you can find, along with the show notes, at www.ochreandflax.co.uk/podcast/episode1. Do come and share your thoughts on the podcast, let me know where you’re listening and what you’re finding useful, over on instagram, where you can find me @ochreandflax
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