27 minutes | May 15th 2017

010 Double Trouble

Have you ever heard the Bauhaus song Terror Couple Kills Colonel? I recently spent the three days earwormed with it after Netflix bingeing a British television series called "Killer Couples". This got me thinking: True Crime media is pretty obsessed with "Partners in crime" but what factors create these infamous poisonous pairs? This episode discusses a relevant turning point in social science and a specific flavor of the "Partner in Crime".  Thank Yous and Announcements I’d like to thank my most recent Patreon patrons: Mike at The Pleasing Terrors Podcast, one of my favorite podcasts, AND one of my favorite Cheerleaders of the Podcast world Albert, who chose not to have a link but has ALSO helped me with A LOT of the artwork for the podcast. I have added a brand spanking new pledge level on Patreon which gets you stickers! I’d also like to thank my newest five star Itunes reviewer: GoodPony and the lovely people of Podcasts We Listen To on Facebook for helping to get the word out there New Project! Starting, well today if you’re listening on May fifteenth 2017, I will be participating in a campaign called #2PodsADay. It aims to introduce podcast listeners to two independent podcasts every day, for 30 days. We hope to give visibility to some of the great indie podcasts that you probably haven’t heard of. #2PodsADay encourages you to Listen More, Listen Independent.   Find more shows like mine by following @2PodsADay on Twitter and Facebook. Or just search the hashtag: 2PodsADay. May’s Murder of the Month book pick is Dont tell A Soul by M. William Phelps, feel free to join us at the Murder of the Month page on Facebook for more information Episode Links: The Mayo Clinic:  Friendships: Enrich your life and improve your health   IFLScience: Scientists Just Replicated The Infamous Milgram Experiment Social Psychological and Personality Science: Would You Deliver an Electric Shock in 2015? Obedience in the Experimental Paradigm Developed by Stanley Milgram in the 50 Years Following the Original Studies Science Daily: Conducting the Milgram experiment in Poland, psychologists show people still obey Simply Psychology: The Milgram Experiment (link contains multiple audio and video clips)   Investigation Discovery Evil Twins: S2E4 4. “Sisters in Silence” (the name of the show is terrible, but the episode was pretty solid) The New York Times: Bound Together in Fantasy and Crime NPR: The Silent Twins People: A British Journalist Unravels the Tale of the Twins Who Wouldn't Talk The New Yorker: We Two Made One The Yorkshire Post: Silent twins trapped by a destructive bond that was broken only by death   Casefile Podcast Episode 17: The Eriksson Twins Bone Palace Ballet: Episode 11: Folie a Deux Crime and Punishment–Sabina and Ursula Ericksson   Vanity Fair: The Quaid Conspiracy The Telegraph: Why actor Randy Quaid and wife Evi fled the Hollywood 'star whackers' to Canada YouTube Channel: Randy Quaid Evi Quaid   Music: Home Runner Single by Vir Nocturnum Licensed under an Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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