81 minutes | Feb 5, 2021

Quicksave 012: Garbage All The Time

We’ve got a lean, mean, laser-focused machine for you this week! Scott shares all the details on Nioh 2’s PC release, and Evan walks back several opinions on The Medium from last week and adds further clarification to his impressions of the game. We discuss the Goldeneye007 Remake leak, and VERY IMPORTANT LADY DIMITRESCU NEWS.   Discussed: Nioh 2 (11:27) The Medium (36:00) (content warning from 47:59 through 52:09) Goldeneye007 Remake (56:58) Links: SMW remastered: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD-vbw8Jmuyg3JYDxm1QPPj1mP3soOVEx DKC Remastered: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKNuUcvZGX21obTJzXuVHUWRcS2cCBBsP LTTP Remastered: https://youtu.be/I_jMOfoflMY Lady Dimitrescu Is Officially 9’6”: https://twitter.com/RE_Games/status/1356391885816823808
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