3 minutes | Jun 19, 2019

Why The Latest Instagram Hack WON’T Grow Your Fitness Business|Quick Wins Episode 72

https://youtu.be/Jc8z8AmhD6U What does it take to level up in your marketing in 2019? Plenty of fitness business owners are playing the short game in business. And why not? The short game gets you leads now. But at what cost? And when you stop paying – the leads stop. In 2019 levelling up in your marketing requires leading from uniqueness. Building your BRAND and then marketing your authority… and only THEN, having the ability to sell. STOP SELLING With the rise of pay to play platforms like Facebook Advertising, it’s easy to think that getting leads for your fitness business is a breeze. But if you’ve ever spent any more on Facebook, you’ll realise it’s actually a lot harder than it looks. 3 years ago we might have been able to create an ad for our 7 day trial or our 21 day challenge and have a flow of leads coming in at a very low cost. But today? That’s much harder to do. Why? Because attention is harder to get with so many people advertising on the platform now. So how do you get leads without selling? The answer is in your brand LEAD FROM YOUR UNIQUENESS Instead of just leading from direct sales, you need to focus on your brand. Not only does brand still matter in 2019 – it’s the ONE thing that matters. If you are not building your brand and are all about SALE SALE SALE, then you’ll very quickly fizzle out. Either because you don’t have the consistent money to spend on advertising – or people will just plain get sick of you. The key to building your brand in 2019 is to find your uniqueness. What is the thing that makes you well, ‘you?’ It’s finding the secret sauce or the special KFC herbs and spice recipe. It’s something that no one else can compete with you on. Once you’ve found your uniqueness, then you can start to market that uniqueness. Don’t fall into the trap of the short game of just selling up front. Take the time to build your brand through quality content and uniqueness and you will not only see more quality leads, but a consistent flow of leads in the long run. Find out how you can discover your uniqueness by downloading our Position Of Power Cheatsheet. Find out how you can discover your uniqueness by downloading our [thrive_2step id=’8281′]Position of Power Cheatsheet – Click Here[/thrive_2step]
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