3 minutes | Jun 5, 2019

How To Become An ‘Overnight’ Success | Quick Wins With COM Ep 70

Do you ever look at other successful businesses and just think ‘wow! They’ve made it.’ Often they look like an overnight success, but the reality is far from that. It’s taken years, hard work, late nights, education, and so much more layering to build that ‘overnight’ success. Nothing great ever comes easy and we live in such a content rich society that we have the opportunity to upskill ourselves at every turn. From free videos on Youtube (like this one) to online courses and face to face studying – there is not lack of content. The question is are you willing to put in the work, are you willing to execute? When you put in the hard work and make tough decisions to turn of Netflix and invest in your business instead – then you will see success. Watch the full video to find out some of Richard’s tips for building a successful business.
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