97 minutes | Apr 5, 2021

Postcards from Pearl - Ep. 65 - Chantarelle Contest Hall, pt. III - Last 'Mon Standing / Blubbery Beauties

**This episode was recorded before 3/1/2021. The game system used in this episode is no longer being played on current recordings of the podcast.** Previously, Pearl and friends participated in the Normal Rank Cool and Smart Contests in Chantarelle City! Luca and Tarzan the Grovyle had a strong showing in the Cool Contest, snagging first place from Fettuccine, Mander, and Vincent! Then in the Smart Contest, Pearl and Serrano the Honedge slashed their way to victory over Captain, Midnight, and a very divisive Mikey! Up next are the Tough and Beauty Contests. Will our heroes rise above the competition? Will the Tough Contest be as violent as promised? And who will be the fairest of them all in the Beauty Contest?? DM: Jonah M. Jackson Pearl: Sarah Katherine Zanotti Music: FoolBoyMedia - Video Game Land Insaneintherainmusic - Jubilife City, Volcano Bakemeat, Stupid Blues, Gladion’s Groove, Route 205, Hearthome City, Surfycove, Eterna Forest, Route 203, A Battle for Beasts, Sunyshore City, Route 216, Oreburgh City GlitchxCity - Johto Boss Remix v. II, Pokémon Sword and Shield Brand New World (Lo-fi Remix) Purple Planet Music - Chinese Lantern, On Rural Time, Natural Harmony Dark Fantasy Studio - Fist of Fury, Back in Time Blue Magic - Snowflakes in Her Hair ~Glaceon~ TabletopAudio.com - Lively Café
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