104 minutes | Nov 15th 2020

Postcards from Pearl - Ep. 52 - Star Babies

Last time, Pearl and Luca spent some time with Louis cleaning up at the lake house and hanging out at a shady diner on the edge of town. Pearl got to know Luca's dad a little better, made some phone calls, and worked on training a couple of her new Pokémon! Now night is approaching, and our heroes are on the hunt for the Wishing Star! What will they see from their bird's eye view? Where might this star have fallen to the earth? And who (or what) else could possibly be after it??

DM: Jonah M. Jackson

Pearl: Sarah Katherine Zanotti


FoolBoyMedia - Video Game Land

Thunder Thouin - Flugel Rock

Eino Keskitalo, Tuberz McGee - Kaikuluotain

Mikeaudio - Polygons Are Inaccurate

Midee - Cleaning Out Axis

Aaron Kenny - The Black Cat

Jamphibious - Chillin’ with the Bros.

Braxton Burks & Materia Collective - Battle! Wild Pokémon, Battle! Gym Leader (Hoenn versions), The Road to Fallarbor Town

GlitchxCity - Pokémon Tower Remix v.II, Hoenn Route 113 Remix

ProtoDome - On the Origin of Species

TabletopAudio.com - Frozen Wastes, Mountain Pass, The Underdark, Ethereal Plane