96 minutes | Jul 20th 2020

Postcards from Pearl - Ep. 41 - The Merrygold Riders, pt. III - The Lil'est Rider

Previously, our heroes started their ride up to the Kinoko Range. Along the way, Pearl and Luca caught themselves some noble steeds, and the Merrygold Riders stopped at Housley Farm to gather some more info on the rustler. Now they're headed for the Howling Gorge deep in the mountain range! What wild Pokémon await? What musical shenanigans will occur on the long ride? And who will be the mysterious fourth Merrygold Rider??

DM: Jonah M. Jackson

Pearl: Sarah Katherine Zanotti

Ricky Jones - Adam LeGrave


FoolBoyMedia - Video Game Land

GlitchxCity - Kanto Trainer Dance Battle Remix, Johto Gym Leader Remix v. I & II

Lobo Loco - Glueworm Evening Blues

Mini Vandals - Black Terrier Blues

Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Horses to Water

Twin Musicom - Way Out West

Sir Cubworth - A Fallen Cowboy

TabletopAudio.com  - Stables, Crossroads, Sun Dappled Trail, Lonesome West, Woodland Campsite