17 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

3 Ways Cascading Homophobia Hurts Pay Equality - Queer Money Ep. 230

Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of LGBTQ job protections, homophobia and discrimination in the workplace did not *POOF* go away. And even companies that consistently score a 100 on the HRC Corporate Equality Index have instances of what I call cascading homophobia, a phenomenon that hits our community right in the pocketbook.

On this episode of Queer Money, I’m introducing the idea of cascading homophobia and explaining how it affects the LGBT pay gap. I share the formal definition of homophobia, describing how decision-makers in a company who are not homophobic themselves may allow their decisions to be influenced by senior leaders who are.

I go on to offer an example of cascading homophobia that John and I experienced working at Charles Schwab when we served as co-chairs of the company’s LGBT Employee Resource Group. Listen in to understand how cascading homophobia undermines our ability to earn more and learn the 3 things we can do to minimize (and eventually eliminate) cascading homophobia in the workplace.

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