69 minutes | Jan 6th 2021

Taking Action to Find Confidence with Jess Critchlow

Today on Inspired by HERstory is Jess Critchlow. Jess is the boss over at Light Up Work where she’s on a mission to help people build the true confidence they need to hit their big audacious career goals - and be the leaders we all need.

She makes sure to bring a little something from all of her adventures in support of her clients. Whether that’s drawing on her decade in Big Corporate Land running leadership development programs, her stint as a TEDx Speaker, the time she sold all her stuff and moved to England or her time contemplating ants with a monk at a Buddhist retreat, she always has a playful perspective to bring to the table.

And when she’s not chasing after her two kiddos in small-town Canada, you can find her drinking too much tea and geeking out on all things confidence, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

During this episode Jess talks more about:

  1. What her definition of confidence is
  2. How a variety of personal development tools helped her get to where she is today
  3. And how to start taking action on your goals now even when it doesn’t seem possible


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