70 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

Finding HER Path Through Branding with Caili Elwell

Today on Inspired by HERstory is Caili Elwell, owner of Caili Elwell Designs. Caili is an experiential brand strategist and stylist for the hospitality and tourism industries where she helps them create the ultimate customer experience. Caili has a podcast called What You CED where she interviews her network of entrepreneurs as they share their brand and personal stories. She is currently writing two books, one a personal recount of her own story and the other a branding workbook for new businesses to get started and set up for success with their branding identity. She is most excited about her next steps within Caili Elwell Designs where she is creating the ultimate one-stop-shop for her own clients.

During this episode, Caili talks more about:

  1. How Covid helped her thrive while building her business
  2. How important it is to support small businesses
  3. And how traveling has helped her get out of her comfort zone


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