30 minutes | Mar 27, 2021

Juliana Hatfield - Part 2

Part Two! LG continues her chat with Juliana Hatfield. Juliana discusses the pros and cons of the evolution of the music industry, being separate from the full-service record label machine, doing her own promotions, crowdfunding, her image, licensing, guitars, the press, and more. She also discusses her original contract from when she was a young artist of which she's still feeling the effects - and how she will finally own the rest of her masters in a few years - and how she feels about her place in 90s rock history. Pre-order Juliana's forthcoming LP at tinyurl.com/julianahatfield. Thank you to EarthQuaker Devices (www.earthquakerdevices.com) for sponsoring this episode. Support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM and society6.com/QOSM. 

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