36 minutes | Apr 3, 2021

Guitar Stores

In this special episode, LG calls sales associates at a major guitar and gear big box store (who shall remain nameless) because this particular store chain has a bit of a reputation for intimidating beginner guitarists, talking down to women and girls, and flexing their knowledge instead of exciting folks about beginning their journey, so LG checks in to see the state of things in these types of stores. Fortunately, several of the sales associates did a good job (some better than others) but there's a lot to learn in the episode for everyone. This episode has a ton of practical information for beginners and one very funny prank call for just fun. Thank you to EarthQuaker Devices (www.earthquakerdevices.com) for sponsoring. Support this podcast and women in audio at patreon.com/QOSM and get some merch at society6.com/QOSM! 
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